small. light. minimalist.

vegan origami wallets and card cases

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water resistant


The purses are made from a vegan leather substitute. This material is a mixture of cellulose fibers and latex with a haptic between leather and paper. 


The surface is mat. The material is resistant to abrasion and does not form lint or nodules. Initially rather "stiff", it gets softer and more elastic over time and gets a nice patina; it remains tear-resistant.


In contrast to real leather, the material called, also wash paper, may get wet without being damaged - the monochrome LUDWIG wallets certainly can handle a shower for cleaning.





Inspired by the traditional Japanese origami technique, these small purses are exclusively pleated and folded by hand. Neither seams nor adhesives are used.

Their formal aesthetic is created by the construction of the folding, coupled with the functionality of a wallet.   





Wallet and card case are folded with 60mm x 93mm hardly larger than a credit card and weigh less than 18g.

Abmessungen Liaform: klein, leicht, minimalistisch.  Nahtlos gefaltete, vegane Geldbörsen/Portemonnaies/purses und Kartenetuis/Wallets (kein Leder)

Card case with 3 separate compartments for coins, bills, 6 to 10 credit cards and business cards.

Wallet with 4 separate compartments for coins, bills, 3 to 6 credit cards and business cards.





For our small, lightweight purses, especially road cyclists, joggers and other athletes should be enthusiastic. But also for everyday life, at the party or traveling, they are the ideal companion. Thanks to their mini size, they fit in the smallest handbag and do not bruise your trouser pocket anymore.. 

In sports, the lightweight mini wallet fits into small pockets. It is moisture and sweat resistant and easy to clean.

When traveling or on vacation, the small wallet is the ideal companion, it fits into small pockets!

About our silver and gold purses, the people who love the grand entrance are happy - they sparkle so beautifully in the night.

As a second purse in the car you always have some change.



with love


The fine wallets and card cases are cut and folded in our studio in Essen. The vegan "washable craft paper" is also produced in Germany. The rubber cords are from the Czech Republic. In this way we - the manufacturers as well as the consumers - keep the transport routes short and thus conserve our resources.